Daily Treatment Art Deco Rug

May 13th

Generally speaking, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is completely normal for an art deco rug, whether made of wool or synthetic fibers, to lose fuzz the first few days of use. The recommended in these cases is to remove it daily for 7-15 days for synthetic fibers, and 3-4 weeks for wool (depending on the model, maybe a little more), sweeping with a soft broom and in the direction of the direction of the hair. Clean the stain immediately. Avoid drying. If it is solid or dry, brush it to try to rescale as much as you can. Make a color test in a corner or in the less visible area of the carpet with the cleaning product to be used.

If it is solid, apply the product in the area of the stain by pressing with an absorbent cloth and without rubbing. Apply then warm water with sponge pressing without rubbing. Important: After cleaning, dry the rug thoroughly with absorbent cloths or with a dryer at a gentle temperature. Brush gently the area that was stained to lift the hair back from the chinese art deco rug. Do not solvate carpets with a latex back or rubber sheet, unless they are small and very shallow stains. It is important that the liquid does not penetrate into the base or structure of the rug. We took out the rug and took it to a spacious place where we could work with it.

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First, we shake it to get as much dust off as possible. With the clean broom, we sweep the whole surface to remove the dust. If you want you can pass roller remove lint to leave the art deco rug fabric flawless. Next, we use the bristle brush rubbing the entire rug with it. If you dedicate time and effort it will be clean and great. To clean the stains, it is best to mix the liquid soap with the hot water in a sprayer. With it, we pulverize the mixture on top of the stain and, with the rag rub to remove the dirt.

If you want a deeper cleaning, with the bristle brush and the hot water with the detergent, you can rub all the material in order to remove all the dirt and stains that may have. Remember that you should have little detergent since otherwise, we can rinse the art deco rug synthetic. Carpets made of polypropylene and polyester are the most used rug of synthetic fibers for the classic rug and modern rug. That’s why we dedicate a section in this special of difficult spots.

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